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One-to-One & Small-Group Training

Cinematographer Pieter de Vries ACS will teach you the skills that you need to shoot stunning video. If you want to learn the technical and creative essentials and prefer learning at your own pace, then One-to-One is for you - it's the ultimate shortcut to the skills you need at a time that suits you. Training for small groups can also be arranged. Based in Sydney, training can be organised in other centers  READ MORE 


Structured for

Multi-Media Producers producing video for their company
Journalists keen to shoot their own news stories
Photographers wanting to port their skills to video
Shooter/Producers who plan to shoot documentaries
Video Bloggers using affordable equipment
Cinematographers needing an update on a camera

Nov/Dec 2018: Busy times

This past week has seen filmmakers and videographers from around the country coming in for my One-to-One and small-group courses. In for three days this week for some advanced cinematography and lighting training, Adam Williamson, head videographer at Hoyne Design. Hoyne is one of Australia's top brand and marketing agencies. Henry and Bryn Williams, brothers who have a passion to tell stories.

There have also been quite a few travel bloggers attending my One-to-One training. I offer specialised camera and audio training in this area. Grace Hu was in for a few days last week. Sydney lawyer, Greg attended the weekend Still to Motion course.

So why not Upgrade your Skills, join me in the new year?


Cinematography & photography cruise lecture tours

2018 Oct: Silversea, Silver Muse
Oman, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand

2018 Nov: Silversea, Silver Muse
Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong

2018 Dec/Jan: Regent Seven Seas, Mariner
Bali, Komodo, circumnavigation of Australia

2019 April: Silversea, Silver Shadow
Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,
2019 May/June: Oceania, Regatta
British Columbia, Alaska, Seattle US

August: Silversea, Silver Spirit
Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Estonia, UK

2019 Nov/Dec: Oceania, Nautica
Rome, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Oman
2020 July/Aug: Regent Seven Seas, Navigator
Denmark, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Holland

Nov/Dec: Regent Seven Seas, Mariner
Peru, Chile, Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands

Oct 2018: This week at PDV - Stills to Motion training

Flying in for training this week, Matthew Cawood. Matt is the Communications Officer at the University of New England in Armidale. He has also worked for Australian Geographic Magazine as photo/journalist. Matt was in for the Stills to Motion training course.


Oct: The 2018 SmartFone Flick Fest Finals at the Opera House

Sydney Opera House. A perfect venue and perfect night for the SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest Gala Finals. I had the pleasure of announcing the winner and runner up in the Best Cinematography category.

Congratulations to cinematographer/director Rah Shama for his short film, "Restoration", shot on an iPhone X; to everyone up on that famous stage. Festival originators and pricipals Angela Blake and Alison Crew, you sure know how (and where) to put on a great show! Thank you to the other industry expert judges on the panel, including Jason van Genderen, Rebel Penfold-Russell, Alan Nurthen, and Christopher Stollery. Smart Phones pull in smart people!


Sept 2018: training for icon water media unit canberra

I've been in Canberra running a video production course for the media team at Icon Water, the city's major water supplier. Our location training shoot at the old Cotter Dam Pump Station delivered some rewarding lighting opportunities. It's one of Canberra’s oldest buildings. Construction started in 1914 and was completed in 1918.

Location training shoots are an essential aspect of my training.


August 2018: Location training & mentoring

This week I'm working in remote Central Queensland at Saddler Springs, a 30,000 hectre cattle station owned by Amanda and Lloyd Hancock. Amanda is my training client and she flies the drone and does nicely with her Sony PMW-200, Sony A7 Mk3 and a Mavic Air drone. Our filming/camping location, Battleship Spur at 1,200 meters, is no place for sleepwalkers! 

Amanda trained with me here in North Sydney during May, followed by six days location mentoring in Central Queensland and now she returns to my North Sydney venue to start training with the Sony A7 Mk3.



Matters of Depth and Mood - Tips

A number of recent visitors have enquired about what they see as a certain "depth" and "mood" in my regular "Good Morning" series of sunrise images. Do I use software filters? It's a question that often pops up. So that you can acheive this, I can break it down into three key practices:

1. Using Manual settings, adjust the exposure level for the brighter regions of the composed image - the brightest cloud for example. Close down the aperture or increase the shutter speed to bring detail and colour saturation into these often blown-out regions of the image. Allow other areas to appear under exposed - don't be afraid of the dark! These shadowy areas can be lifted later, and besides, that's how it is when the sun sits low in the sky. This is how I can convey "mood".

2. Seek out reflections and muted highlights and consider framing the scene from a low angle which additionally can bring depth-giving foreground objects into play. Wet sand and glistening rock surfaces offer subtle and not so subtle bright spots that are truely helpful. This is how I can convey "depth".

3. Importantly, if making adjustments in your editing software (that’s Adobe Lightroom for me), keep the overall brightness level down. Early morning light is different from mid-morning light. Under exposure of the image is far more effective at this time of the day. You won't need software filters.

Please see more of my Good Morning series here

Whale Beach sunrise


Window light

I took this photo recently in a farmhouse not far from Saigon. I wanted to make the point of how a single window as a light source can works so beautifully for your cinematography and photography.

I loved the way the soft window light wrapped around these everyday things. Depth and the perceived sharpness of this image is defined by the shadows that light creates.

A single, ultra-soft light source set at some distance is a way to achieve a similar look. In lighting for the moving image too, you can learn more from looking at a shadow than you can by looking at the light.

A small window is best. Only a narrow shaft of soft light falls on the the table leaving the wall behind in beautiful deep shadow. Setting your exposure based on the lit areas of the composition means that these dark backgrounds and foregrounds stay as shadow, bringing the eye to the sweet spot in the image. Perfect for video sequences also.



Singapore, Vietnam photography lecture series

I have been delivering a series of cinematography lectures on board Silversea Silver Shadow. Sailing from Singapore with port stops in Ho Chi Min City, Da Nang, Ha Long Bay and finishing in Hong Kong.


Africa, Indian Ocean and Asian cinematography lecture series

I have been delivering a series of cinematography lectures on board Oceania Nautica. Sailing from Cape Town with port stops in Maputo Mozambique, Da Es Salaam, Mombassa Kenya, Zanzibar Tanzania, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and wrapping up in Singapore.

Please visit my gallery for more images from this assignment.


Still to Motion training at top Sydney Ad agency

Some of the finest pro photographers at the BMF agency's amazing Sydney studio, this week took part in my Still to Motion course. BMF took home more awards than any other agency at the 2017 Australian Effie Awards. They also won the Effective Agency of the Year Award. BMF collected one Gold Effie Award, seven Silvers and one Bronze. I'm very proud to be training their staff photographers on ways to further improve their video production skills.


Foxtel production gets the latest camera info

I’ve had a busy schedule these past eight weeks. Assignments in Japan, South Korea, China, Finland and Holland. Now back in Sydney, I'm taking reservations for training sessions into the new year.

Recent activities at my space at the National HQ of the Australian Cinematographers in North Sydney have been a mix of One-to-One training with a number of photographers and cinematographers plus one of my regular camera technical updates for the production unit at Foxtel.

This session featured Sony F65, F55, FS7Mk2, Sony A7R Mk2, Canon C300 Mk2 cameras and the brilliant new Sony RX0 miniature camera. There also was a selection of drones and gimbals. Contributions from Angelo Boutsalis from Dragon Image and Sony Australia's Anthony Kable.

foxtelupdate2017 1

foxtelupdate2017 2

Pieter de Vries Captures the Antarctic with the Sony PXW-FS7 4K

Earlier this year I returned from Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego after participating in a twenty-day expedition to Antarctica. The Homeward Bound Project has gathered the first 76 of a targeted 1,000 women from around the world, all with critical science backgrounds, to undertake a year-long state-of-the-art program to develop their leadership and strategic capabilities, using science to build conviction around the importance of their voices.

This article for Content and Technology magazine looks at the range of camera technology used on this assignment.


Assignment Helsinki: Presenting IMAGO Best Cinematography award

awardwinnerOctober 2017: It was a brilliant night in Helsinki. I had the pleasure of presenting the award for Best Cinematography Documentary Films to Polish cinematographer, Lukasz Zal for his work on "Ikon" This is a feature-length documentary portrait of a provincial psychiatric hospital population. For the first time in the history of one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Siberia a film crew could see the daily life behind high walls.

Our other winners on the night were Fabian Wagner BSC ASC for TV Drama, "Game of Thrones – The Winds of Winter" and Seamus McGarvey BSC for the Feature Film "Nocturnal Animals".

Congratulations to the winners and to all the nominees. There was some extraordinary cinematography up on the screen.

IMAGO awards night 1

IMAGO winners

Assignment: Japan, Sth Korea & China cinematography lecturers

September & October 2017: I have been presenting lectures to guests on the US based Silversea cruise ship, the Silver Shadow. The talks centred on my photography and cinematography. This three week assignment included Tokyo, Hiroshima, Shimizu and Ishikagi (Japan) Seoul and Busan (South Korea) Beijing, Tianjing and Shanghai (China).