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Matters of Depth and Mood - Tips

A number of recent visitors have enquired about what they see as a certain "depth" and "mood" in my regular "Good Morning" series of sunrise images. Do I use software filters? It's a question that often pops up. So that you can achieve this, I can break it down into three key practices:

1. Using Manual settings, adjust the exposure level for the brighter regions of the composed image - the brightest cloud for example. Close down the aperture or increase the shutter speed to bring detail and colour saturation into these often blown-out regions of the image. Allow other areas to appear under exposed - don't be afraid of the dark! These shadowy areas can be lifted later, and besides, that's how it is when the sun sits low in the sky. This is how I can convey "mood".

2. Seek out reflections and muted highlights and consider framing the scene from a low angle which additionally can bring depth-giving foreground objects into play. Wet sand and glistening rock surfaces offer subtle and not so subtle bright spots that are truely helpful. This is how I can convey "depth".

3. Importantly, if making adjustments in your editing software (that’s Adobe Lightroom for me), keep the overall brightness level down. Early morning light is different from mid-morning light. Under exposure of the image is far more effective at this time of the day. You won't need software filters.

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Whale Beach sunrise