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Window light

I took this photo recently in a farmhouse not far from Saigon. I wanted to make the point of how a single window as a light source can works so beautifully for your cinematography and photography.

I loved the way the soft window light wrapped around these everyday things. Depth and the perceived sharpness of this image is defined by the shadows that light creates.

A single, ultra-soft light source set at some distance is a way to achieve a similar look. In lighting for the moving image too, you can learn more from looking at a shadow than you can by looking at the light.

A small window is best. Only a narrow shaft of soft light falls on the the table leaving the wall behind in beautiful deep shadow. Setting your exposure based on the lit areas of the composition means that these dark backgrounds and foregrounds stay as shadow, bringing the eye to the sweet spot in the image. Perfect for video sequences also.