Video Camera Training

Your presentation of the material, equipment know-how and theoretical in-depth knowledge is awesome. What's more you are happy to share and engage the creative gene
Posted By: Michael Abelev
Design & Engineering Manager at Miller Camera Support, Sydney
Learning from you Pieter has been a most pleasurable experience, you are an outstanding teacher with quality and professionalism at the centre of all your work
Posted By: Joy Baines
Digital Media Unit Technology Services Division, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Sydney
Training with Pieter is high recommended to all people working in the industry or even just wanting to be a better amateur videographer
Posted By: Graham Gall
Director, Jarbo Productions, Canberra ACT
Pieter kept us all engaged and took time to make sure everyone understood the tools and techniques; I can personally vouch that no-one left the venue unhappy with the experience
Posted By: Graham Gall
Director, Jarbo Productions, Canberra ACT
Loved the course, it was fantastic - I learnt so much and now trying to put it into practice!
Posted By: Megan Corcoran
Project Support Officer, Sunshine Coast Health Service District Nambour General Hospital
It's so good to listen to someone who is at ease with their work knowledge and presents the facts...without any ego and rubbish
Posted By: Scott Gilbank
Filmographer, Sydney
I thought the course was excellent and well worth doing. I liked the combination of the technical aspects of how to use the equipment and then art of film making itself. Good, clear no nonsense tuition pitched at the right level to the class
Posted By: Rich Wainwright
Photographer, Perth WA
I thought the workshop was great. It gave me the answers I was looking for and much more
Posted By: Phil Cooper
Photographer, Sydney NSW
It exceeded my expectations as there was nothing within any of the presentations that went over my head and it was delivered with clarity and detail without being confusing
Posted By: Craig Spittle
Photographer, Perth WA
I'd happily recommend this to anyone just starting or wanting to expand their knowledge of using DSLR's and film production
Posted By: Rich Wainwright
Photographer, Perth
As a member of Northside Creative Photography I attended your address there on 15 May, an address that has not been approached by any, since in the impression it made on me
Posted By: Charles Jaggers
Northside Creative Photography
I really enjoyed the weekend, everything you showed me will be a massive confidence booster and I now feel like I am on my way to getting some good results
Posted By: Jason Ney
Photographer/Videographer, Sydney
I wanted to say a big thank you for doing the filming course with us last weekend. Both Tracey and I found it really helpful and we are really glad we went
Posted By: Irina Belsky
Junior Digital Producer, Edelman Australia, Sydney, Australia
Thank you very much for your insight into the world of cinematography. I've really be able to take a lot from the course and am looking forward to putting it into practice
Posted By: Adam McLean
Photographer, Fairfax Media
Thank you for an invaluable weekend as our private tutor in cameracraft. In terms of honing our production skills, you are a miracle worker
Posted By: Ruth Ostrow
Videographer and Senior Journalist, The Australian Newspaper
It was fantastic
Posted By: Steven Siewert
Photographer, Fairfax Media
Thank you for the tutorials and the great two days of tapping into your cinematographer skills & knowledge
Posted By: Kirk Gilmore
Photographer, Illawarra Newspapers
Thanks Piet, you were an awesome inspiration!
Posted By: Sylvia Liber
Photographer, Fairfax Media
Many thanks, you made it a pleasure. It was a fantastic course, I really got a lot out of it
Posted By: Tamara Dean
Photographer, Fairfax Media, Sydney, Australia
I see the current climate demanding rapid change and for me, you really put the "multi" in multimedia!
You have really inspired me to get out there and produce some short online pieces
Posted By: Steve Lunam
Photographer, Fairfax Media
Very informative, Piet very good communicator. Class size great, venue great. Got a lot out of it.
Posted By: Keith Driller
Lifeshaper, Melbourne
Thanks for making the Sony EX3 so much fun to use
Posted By: Gordana Grujoska
Senior Media & Communications Officer City Media & Events, Rockdale City Council
Many thanks for the notes and all your knowledge over what was a godsend of a workshop for me!
Posted By: Victoria Silk
Trainer, Wild Women on Top, Sydney
I got a lot out of it and have been playing around with the short film genre ever since. Just wanted to say thanks again for passing on your knowledge"
Posted By: Randy Larcombe
Professional Photographer, Sydney, Australia
Almost every question you've ever pondered is answered, and always with good humour and enough repetition until you get it. It was the best, most confidence-giving training course I've ever done
Posted By: Justin Murphy
Producer, Hobart Tasmania
Pieter dynamically milks situations, turning ordinary events into extraordinary our weekend courses and it was probably the best training I have ever done, including my degree
Posted By: Paul Searles
Composer, The Gunnery, Singapore
You don't know what you have learned until you are out there shooting and without realising it, you are using the new skills learnt during the course
Posted By: Ray Bull
Bullart, Melbourne Australia
The material you presented, the pace, the level of detail and the style were all absolutely perfect for my needs. It's quite amazing to me how differently I now see video material
Posted By: Michael N King
Quality Learning Australia, Canberra ACT
We left inspired and with some solid basics. Peter is clearly one of the best in his field and a great teacher too
Posted By: Lisa Main
Reporter/Producer, SBS Television
Thank you for time spent with the Insight team. They all reported back saying what a great experience they'd had and how much they learnt. A very worthwhile experience
Posted By: Paul Williams
Executive Producer
I just wanted to thank you for your very valuable training session. I have already used a number of the ideas you suggested in video work here at the University and it has made a significant difference
Posted By: Christopher Allan
Educational Developer and Designer, University of Tasmania, Hobart
Thanks for an uplifting weekend, I was inspired by you and have started thinking more creatively …. well I have a long way to go
Posted By: Mark Baxter
Thank you for an interesting and enjoyable day yesterday. I found your approach to be clear, informative and stimulating. I have a lot to process and practice
Posted By: Mark Watson
Writer & Producer
I just wanted to say thank you for a really inspiring workshop. I got a lot out of it and I'm excited to take my cinematography to the next level
Posted By: Natalie Hunfalvay
Professional Photographer, Sydney, Australia
Loved it last weekend, and put it all into use yesterday!
Posted By: Shannon Anthoness
Producer, Loulaki Blue
The way that you structured the class made learning some fairly tricky new concepts easy for me. I found the course to be amazingly beneficial and your delivery was both fun and informative
Posted By: Stuart Bathurst
Sydney, Australia
I'd like to thank you again for the weekend - I feel so much more excited and confident to start filming and playing around using all my new knowledge!
Posted By: Georgina Booth
Producer, Network Ten
Thank you so much for your amazing Lighting Masterclass in Darwin. I enjoyed very much for the content, style of your class, information and I found you a great source of inspiration
Posted By: Francesco Gaviano
Producer, Mystic Media, Katherine, NT