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shooting video demands a whole new set of skills
one-to-one using DSLR and mirrorless cameras

Still to Motion Training

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cinematographer | photographer | filmmaker | expeditioner

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Video Camera Training

Learn to shoot stunning video using DSLR and mirrorless cameras

With One-to-One training or being part of a small group, you will learn the techniques that enable you to tell a compelling story with a DSLR or DSLMi camera. Using informative composition, the best use of available light and by recording clean audio you will be shown how to find the perfect mix of shots to create engaging video sequences. Have every question answered, any shooting scenario clearly explained.

You will learn so much more taking two or three solid days of one-to-one training than you could ever learn signing onto an online course or a once-a-week evening classRequest a quote or call to discuss any aspects of your video photography. PDV is based in Sydney however training can be arranged in other centres.

Who could benefit

PRODUCTION STAFF who may be required to shoot videoPHOTOGRAPHERS transitioning to DSLR camera video  LEARN MORE 
DSLR/Mi USERS wanting to get the most from their camera  LEARN MORE MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCERS developing in-house expertise  LEARN MORE 
VIDEO BLOGGERS using affordable equipment  LEARN MORE 
COMPANIES providing staff with additional skills  LEARN MORE 
DIRECTORS & PRODUCERS seeking technical knowledge


What you will learn

  • Cinematographer and photographer Pieter de Vries ACS is a master in the use of DSLR and mirrorless stills cameras for video production. He will pass on to you a wealth of knowledge and story ideas gleaned from years of shooting award-winning international documentary productions in more than one hundred and forty countries. He uses DSLR, Mirrorless and conventional video cameras to show you brilliant shooting techniques and explains the language of filmmaking. Along the way you'll get to use some of the latest video tools.

  • Only when you understand the limitations of using a stills camera to shoot video, can you exploit the stunning image quality. You will learn how to set the menu items that matter so that you can craft images the way you like them. Now can you enjoy constructing engaging stories. Topics include:


    • Setting the correct exposure levels
    • Colour settings - the in-built tools that explore colour 
    • Shutter speed & avoiding the shutter speed-traps


    • Shooting with gimbals, sliders, dollies & jibs
    • How to use a tripod & fluid head effectively
    Audio options - recording audio in the real world

  • Video story-telling plays a key role in this training. Using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, the story can often take a back seat to the stunning image quality. Few have an emotional response to image resolution. Topics include:


    • Capturing the right mix of shots to deliver an easy edit
    • Finding dynamic camera angles to improve coverage
    • Using the 16:9 widescreen for informative framing


    • Simple & efffective lighting for interviews
    • Follow focus using a telephoto lens
    • Slo-Mo & timelapse cinematography

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