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Video Journalist Training

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Video Camera Training

Video camera training for journalists

Journalists using video cameras to record stories is an exciting development in the domain of news and current affairs. There are many advantages, as most journalists know the essence of a good story. The aim of this training is to provide journalists with enough knowledge to not just successfully construct the video story, but to inspire and encourage individual creativity along the way. Above all, knowing how to use the camera equipment is a real confidence builder. 

Story first

Video journalism requires some basic knowledge of film language to successfully translate a good story into an engaging video story, however the concentration needed to operate the camera can draw attention away from the story at hand. The aim of this training is to show each participant how to get to the point where the story always comes first.

  • Cinematographer and qualified trainer Pieter de Vries ACS will pass on a wealth of techniques gleaned from years of shooting award-winning international productions in more than one hundred and twenty countries. Pieter's background is in news and current affairs and he will show you the right camera & audio setup and how to best capture a news story, all in an easy to digest style.

  • Participants will be shown how to configure the camera and take control of every adjustment. Topics include:


    • Setting the right exposure
    • Learn about colour balancing & colour settings
    • Camera buttons, dials & menus explored


    Following movement - handheld and on a tripod
    • How and when to use a tripod
    • Keeping sharp focus

  • Being able to pick up and use a video camera is fast becoming an integral function for journalists. Topics include:


    • Capturing the mix of shots that will make a great news story
    • Choosing the camera angles to improve your coverage
    • Using the frame for informative composition


    • How to record your own PTC
    • Clean & clear audio - configuring a basic audio setup
    • Shooting with only natural interior light

You will learn how to

      Be totally at home using the camera equipment supplied Construct sequences on the fly

      Get the coverage needed by the editor

      Be in the right place at the right time

    Use the manual controls
      Where and how to record an interview

      Record clear & clean audio

      Shoot for the web

      Shoot handheld Sequences with a steady hand

    Correctly set up & use a tripod



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