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Video Camera Training

One-to-One & Small Group training

One-to-One or Small Group training ensures that you will learn the areas of the craft most suited to your work. If you want the confidence to shoot video using a DSLR, mirrorless or conventional video camera, to learn the essentials of storytelling or simply to start shooting for the edit, One-to-One training is a great choice - go ahead and ask every question imaginable. It's the ultimate shortcut to the training you need at a time that suits you.

Suitable for

• Marketing personnel using video for their company
• Reporters who are new to Video Journalism
• Photographers wanting to port their skills to video
• Shooter/Producers planning to shoot news or docos
• Media units wishing to improve the quality of their video
• Anyone who just enjoys shooting video
"Learning from you has been a most pleasurable experience, you are an outstanding teacher with quality and professionalism at the centre of all your work"
Joy Baines, Digital Media Unit, Australian Bureau of Statistic
"Can’t thank you enough for last week. Got way more than I could have hoped for out of the 3 days!! - you are an amazing teacher"
Martin Ireland, Sennheiser Australia

Assignment Myanmar

The face of the next generation in Myanmar is this sweetest market girl. Such generous and welcoming people make up this still desperately poor nation. It is a wonderful place to roam with my camera.



Focus Photographers Still to Motion workshop

My Still to Motion workshop for Focus photographers has wrapped and it was a great day. Thanks to all those who came along, glad to know you had a great time as well as leaving with new skills. It's also a great way for me to meet new people.

Focus is a community for those who share a passion for landscape and seascape photography. Visit the Focus website


My latest videos - South Georgia and Antarctica

Birds and seals South Georgia - Gold Bay King Penguins, Baily Bay Chinstrap Penguins and Antarctic peninsular landscapes

November/December I travelled to the island of South Georgia and Antarctica on the Polar Pioneer for Aurora Expeditions, my role was as a guest cinematography lecturer. I shot video footage along the way. For this expedition, I chose to forgo my Sony PXW-FS7, taking only Sony stills cameras.

Here are are two short videos, shot in 4K, recorded on the Ninja Assassin and uploaded as HD. My camera/lens kit consisted of a Sony A7R Mk2, Sony A7R (stills only), Sony 70-200mm f/4 G zoom, Zeiss Loxia 55mm f/2, Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm f/4, Canon 400mm f/5.6, Sony RX100 Mk4, GoPro 4, Atomos Ninja Assassin, Miller Air tripod/fluid head, Zoom H4n recorder. I used standard gamma settings and the audio was recorded mainly by the A7R's stereo microphone. I used no additional camera accessories.

If weight was again a factor, I'd gladly pack the same kit for the next assignment. I was interviewed before leaving on the expedition.