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Video camera training for journalists

Journalists using video cameras to record stories is an exciting development in the domain of news and current affairs. There are many advantages, as most journalists know the essence of a good story. The aim of this training is to provide journalists with enough knowledge to not just successfully construct the video story, but to inspire and encourage individual creativity. Online training sessions are also available.

Story first

Video journalism requires some basic knowledge of film language to successfully translate a good story into an engaging video story, however the concentration needed to operate the camera can draw attention away from the story at hand. The aim of this training is to show each participant how to get to the point where the story comes first.

Message for a quote or call 0418 169 955 to discuss your particular requirements. PDV Digital Cinema is based in North Sydney, however training can be arranged in other centres. Online training sessions are also available.

What you will learn

  • Journalists training overview

    Cinematographer and certified trainer Pieter de Vries ACS will pass on a wealth of techniques gained through years of shooting award-winning international productions in more than one hundred and eighty five countries and territories

    Pieter's background includes extensive work in ABC TV news and current affairs and he will demonstrate step by step, the right camera and audio setups and how to best capture news stories, all in an easy to digest style. Training using Apples' iPhone is also an option

    The course also includes a location shoot in the surrounding North Sydney area and along the way you'll be using some of the latest video tools and toys. Please visit the Training Gallery for images of the venue, the nearby streets and the stunning harbour views

  • Shooting in Manual & Auto

    Pieter’s unique training teaches both technical and creative facets of shooting video news stories. Participants will be shown how to configure the camera and to be in control of every adjustment, freeing them to focus totally and safely on the story at hand. We will cover:

    • Camera buttons, dials & menus explained
    • Setting correct exposure using zebras
    • Setting the correct colour balance
    • Shooting news stories with an iPhone 

    • Following action – gimbal, handheld, tripod & monopod
    • When & how to use a tripod & fluid head
    • Keeping an eye on focus
    • Techniques to streamline your shooting


  • Capturing news stories with the edit in mind

    Being able to use a video camera is fast becoming an integral skill for journalists. Recording news stories plays the key role in this training. Regardless of whether you shoot with a DSLR, Mirrorless or Video camera, defining that news story with a camera requires you to think on your feet. We will cover:

    • Capturing the right mix of shots
    • Quickly defining the best camera angles
    • Using the 16:9 frame for informative composition

    • Recording your PTC
    • How to use available exterior light
    • Shooting with available interior light

    • Clean audio - configuring a basic audio setup
    • Simple lighting techniques for interviews
    • Finding the best locations for interviews



Regular clients include:

  • Department of Defence, Canberra
    Australian Federal Police
    Australian Film Television & Radio School
    XYZ Networks
    Granada Television
    The Telecommunications Ombudsman
    Canon Australia
    ANU College of Asia Pacific Studies
    Ahi Media Lae PNG
    Emap Magazines
    Seven Network
    Dept of Communications
    Ten Network
    Destiny Financial Solutions
    Sony Australia & New Zealand
    Orion Expedition Cruises
    Silversea Cruises (USA)