Selected Cinematography Credits

The Friendship
Locations: Argentina & Antarctica / 1 x 90min / Sony FS7
This feature length documentary is about a leadership, strategic and science initiative for women, set against the backdrop of Antarctica. The initiative, turned global movement, aims to heighten the influence and impact of women with a science background in order to influence policy and decision making as it shapes our planet.

Local Justice [2016]
Locations: Sydney / 10 x 30min / Sony FS7
The Downing Centre in the middle of this city is home to many local courts. This series follows the day to day flow of defendents, their highs, the lows and the dedicated people who make the justice system tick. A ten week shoot as Director of Photography with responsibity for 20 cameras and lighting sources

Shanghai Taiwan and Japan [2016]
Locations: China, Taiwan and Japan / Sony FS7
Travelling in the region updating 4K library footage

Howard on Menzies [2016]
Locations: Sydney and Northern Rivers NSW / 3 x 60min / Sony FS7
Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard talks to past and present collegues about the life and politics of Sir RObert Menzies – 2nd camera on a few episodes

Deep Freeze Antarctica [2015]
Locations: South Georgia Island and Antarctica / 1 x 10min / Sony A7R Mk2
A three week journey to South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsular on board the Aurora Expeditions ship, Polar Pioneer. South Georgia is a British overseas territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It is a remote and inhospitable collection of islands, consisting of South Georgia and a chain of smaller islands known as the South Sandwich Islands. It is 165 kilometres

Behind Closed Doors [2015]
Locations: Sydney / 1 x 30min / Sony FS7
Shared cinematographer role and editor of this DVD produced for the Dart Centre Melbourne. A resource about domestic violence and the way it’s treated by the media

Intuition – your personal guidance system [2015]
Locations: India and Bhutan / 1 x 90min feature documentary / Sony FS7
Director and Producer Bill Bennett explores the way our intuition influences our decisions big and small. These segments filmed in New Delhi, Mumbai and in Bhutan

Intuition – your personal guidance system [2015]
Locations: USA and Canada / 1 x 90min feature documentary / Sony FS7
Director and Producer Bill Bennett explores the way our intuition influences our decisions big and small. These segments filmed in Texas, California, Oregon, Chicago and Toronto

Women in Blues [2015]
Locations: Chicago and Clarksdale Mississippi / 1 x 90min feature documentary / Sony FS7
Directed by Lisa Eismen, this is the story of the Blues and the women who sing the blues

National Associaton of Broadcasters NAB [2015]
Locations: Las Vegas
A series of talks for Australian tripod manufacturer Miller Support

Women in Blues [2014]
Locations: Chicago and Clarksdale Mississippi
Directed by Lisa Eismen, this is the story of the Blues and the women who sing the blues

I am a Stockman [2014]
Location: Longreach Central Queensland, Australia / 1 x 12min / Sony F3
A presentation showcasing the life and history of the Australian Stockman. For the Stockmans Hall of Fame, Longreach

VMware 3D Spectacular [2013]
Locations: Sydney, Kuala Lumper Malaysia, Osaka Japan and Seoul South Korea / Sony 3D system / 1 x 4min
A 3D presentation showcasing a new software suite for US computer giant VMware

Fortune’s Hand [2013]
Locations: New York, Maysville Kentucky and Chennai India / XDCAM / 1 x 60min
Tales of the Unexpected is a documentary series produced for the Smithsonian Institute and SBS Television Australia

Dark Shadows – Emerging Light [2013]
Locations: Poland, Israel, France, UK and Sydney / Canon C300 / 1 x 90min
This documentary is still in production

The Stallions of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Locations: Kelvinside NSW, Northwood Park, Victoria, Woodlands and Twin Hills, NSW / Sony F3 / 10 x 4min
A photographic and video presentation of the Sheikhs thoroughbreds including aerial cinematography of the properties

Sony Bravia TVC
Locations: Sydney studio shoot / Sony F3 / 1 x 60sec
For Sony Australia

PhaseOne tutorials
Locations: Sydney and Hamilton Island, Queensland / Sony F3 / 13 x 6min
A series of tutorials featuring the PhaseOne IQ180 medium format digital back presented by Grand Master Photographer Peter Eastway

Babies from the Future
Locations: Leura Australia / Canon 5D M2 / 1 x 7min
A futurisic short film written and directed by Tom C Taylor

Aerial cinematography – Seven Sunday Night
Locations: Prince Frederik Sound Western Australia / XDCAM HD / 1 x 60min
Cruise ships sailing along the remote far north western coastline of Australia

Inside Nature’s Giants
Locations: Far North Queensland, Marla SA and Alice Springs NT / XDCAM HD / 3 x 60min
This is an award-winning UK series that gets under the skin of the largest animals on the planet. Most wildlife documentaries show how animals behave, but by exploring their anatomy in their environment, scientists show how these creatures really work

Top Gear Australia
Locations: Sydney / HDCAM / 9 x 60min
Shared role of cinematographer for this Australian series

Fosters Premium
Locations: Sydney / RED ONE / 1 x 60sec
Aerial cinematography of Sydney Harbour for a Fosters Premium Lager TVC

Australian Families of Crime
Locations: Sydney / Digital Betacam / Television series
A series that continues in the traditions of the sucessful series Crime Investigation centering on the families of infamous criminals. Drama re-enactments DP and directed by Gary Deans. Produced by Graham McNeice Productions

On Tour with the Queen
Locations: New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and Australia / Digital Betacam / 3 x 60min
3 X 1hr doc retracing the journey of Queen Elizabeth on her tour of the Commonwealth in 1953/54. Director Nic Young, Lion Television, London

The Elders
Location – Dhaka, Bangladesh / Multi-Cam XDCAM HD / 1 x 30min
Andrew Denton interviews Muhammad Yunis, the pioneer of Micro Banking

Crime Investigation Australia
Locations: Sydney and other Australian cities / Digital Betacam
A long running series depicting infamous crimes from Australia’s past. DP for the drama re-enactments which are directed by Gary Deans. Produced by Graham McNeice Productions

Blank Canvas
Location: Sydney / HDCAM and XDCAM / 1 x90min
1 X 1hr documentary follow the re-launch of the Sydney Dance Company. Directed by Tim Slade and produced by Tim Slade and Joanna Buggy for Vast Productions

Locations: New York and Los Angeles / Super 16mm / 1 x 90min
1 X 90min – family life and survival in New York from a rats point of view. Directed by Mark Lewis for Mark Lewis Radio Pictures, Los Angeles. Emmy nomination for cinematography

Darwin’s Lost Paradise
Locations: Australia, Galapagos Islands, US, Germany, France, UK, Cocos Islands / HDCAM
2 X 1hr drama documentary about the journeys of Charles Darwin on the Beagle. Directed by Katharina Von Flowtow, for Penny Chapman Films (Australia), Monaco Films (Germany), Film å Trois (France)

4 (Four)
Locations: Finland (Winter) Japan (Spring) New York (Autumn) Australia / HDCAM
1 X 90min feature theatrical release. In four corners of the globe, on four days throughout the year, four outstanding violinists go on an extraordinary journey through their four distinct homelands. Directed by Tim Slade and produced by Joanna Buggy and Tim Slade

Atlas – Australia Revealed
Location: Australia / 1 X 120min / HDCAM
A signature series of 2 hour experiential journeys through individual countries across the globe. Discovery Chanel’s biggest ever documentary series

Natural Wonders – The Great Barrier Reef
Locations: Cairns, Townsville Australia / HDCAM
A series from the UK producers of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs” this time looking back in time showing the formation of the worlds greatest and most famous natural wonders. Director Toby McDonald, October Films UK

Big Bugs
Locations: USA, Panama, Venezuela & Australia / HDCAM / Panavision Frazier lens system / 1 x 60min
2 X 50min natural history documentarisusing the Panavision/Frazier snorkel lens on the Sony/Panavision CineAlta HD camera, the film looks at insects from an insect’s view. Director Nick Fletcher, Natural History New Zealand for Discovery HD Theatre (USA)

Philip Glass – a Portrait in Twelve Parts
Locations: Australia and Germany / HDCAM
1 X 120min feature theatrical release. 2nd camera. The film documents the life & work of the renowned US musician & composer. Directed by Scott Hick (“Shine”, “Snow falling on Cedars”, “Hearts in Atlantis”)

Ghosts of the Abyss 3D
Location: Newfoundland / 1 x 45min
Topside DP. A High Definition 3D large format (Imax) film centred on an expedition that revisits the wreck of the Titanic using Sony/Panavision 3D camera technology. Based on the Russian research ship, Keldysh off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. 3D Imax/Sony CineAlta HiDef. Directed by James Cameron

3D Halloween
Location: Scotland / 1 x 50min
1 X 45 min 3D Role: DP A children’s Telemovie using the video 3D Pulfrich camera system. Directed by Rory McCourt

The Great Wall of Iron
Locations: China and Tibet / Super 16mm / 4 x 60min
A documentary mini-series about one of the worlds biggest armies – The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. A fourteen week shoot directed by Scott Hicks (“Shine”) and produced by Beyond International for the BBC, NZBC and The Discovery Channel USA

Pieter de Vries ACS

From the far heights of the Space Shuttle to the immense depths of the North Atlantic, from ancient land turtles on the Galapagos Islands to modern performances of the music of Vivaldi in Finland, travelling through around 185 countries, cinematographer Pieter de Vries has been there with a camera.

He has contributed to programs hosted by David Attenborough and has worked with director James Cameron filming the wreck of the Titanic in IMAX 3D.
Pieter has been a recipient of the Milli Award as the Cinematographer of the Year. His films have won numerous awards, including Emmys and BAFTA’s.

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