Learn how to shoot and edit engaging video stories

THE CAMERA, THE STORY, THE LIGHT are core elements of this training, structured for anyone who wants to take their expertise beyond menus and dials. One-to-One training or being part of a small group is the fastest way to gain the techniques that enable you to tell compelling stories with a video camera, DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Knowing about informative composition, learning how to maximise the use available light and having the expertise to record clean audio are the essential foundations. This knowledge frees you to concentrate on creating the perfect mix of shots that will result in engaging sequences.

One-to-One gives you the chance to have every question answered, any shooting scenario explained. How much time you’ll need depends on your experience, what you’d like achieve and the time you have available. Message for a quote or call 0418 169 955 to discuss your particular requirements. PDV Digital Cinema is based in North Sydney however training can be arranged in other centres.

Training to help you understand and use video equipment

Pieter’s unique training teaches both technical and creative facets of video photography. Participants quickly gain control over the camera settings, freeing them to explore creative aspects of shooting, knowing that they are always getting the best possible video and audio.

What you will learn

  • Course Overview

    Cinematographer, photographer and certified trainer Pieter de Vries ACS will pass on a wealth of knowledge and story ideas gleaned from years of shooting award-winning international productions. He uses DSLR, Mirrorless and Video cameras to show you brilliant shooting techniques and clarifies the language of film and video.

    The course also includes a location shoot in the surrounding North Sydney area and along the way you'll be using some of the latest video tools and toys. Please visit the Training Gallery for images of the venue and the beautiful surrounds of North Sydney 

  • Taking control of the camera

    Video camera, DSLR or Mirrorless – when you take control of the cameras adjustments, you take control of the story. Pieter’s unique training teaches you both technical and creative facets of video photography. Participants quickly gain control over the camera settings, freeing them to explore creative aspects of shooting. Topics covered include:

    • Setting exposure using waveforms & zebras
    • Correctly adjusting the colour balance
    • Neutral Density filters - correct shutter speeds 
    • Recording formats, codecs, frame & data rates
    • Editing export settings for YouTube & Social Media

    • Shooting with gimbals, sliders, dollies & jibs
    • Following action - handheld, tripod & monopod
    • Follow-focus techniques using telephoto lenses
    • Time-lapse & Slow-Motion cinematography
    • Setting up and using wireless microphones
    • Audio - recording clean sound

  • Taking control of the story

    Recording video stories plays a key role in the training. Regardless of whether you shoot with a DSLR, Mirrorless or Video camera, defining that story with a camera requires you to think both technically and creatively. Topics include:

    • Capturing the mix of shots for an easy edit
    • Quickly finding dynamic camera angles
    • Using the 16:9 frame for informative composition
    • Shooting techniques to give you editing options

    • How to use natural light
    • Modifying the output of lights
    • Warming and cooling light
    • Advanced lighting ideas for shooting interviews