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Corporate Video Training

The requirement for video is growing rapidly. Corporate, education and online news services are just a few of the areas where video is now a part of the landscape. The ability to shoot professional standard video is crucial if you want your product to be noticed.

The quality of your work does not depend on the camera model that you use.

There will always be great ideas developing and new and ever improving technology, however, regardless of whether you shoot as a hobby or are a professional film-maker, receiving the best training will help you to stand out from the pack. Don’t upgrade your camera, upgrade your skills by joining a Small Group Video Camera Workshop.

Alternatively if you are pushed for time or have an important video shoot about to start, you may find that custom One-to-One training would be timely and good value. Lift the lid on lighting at an Introduction to Lighting workshop. If you are a production manager, Corporate Training for your staff can be conducted at your offices or at the Artarmon studio.

These are typically small-group workshops of between three and five participants as this number offers the best balance of a comfortable group learning environment, personal attention and hands-on experience. Click here to read what others have said.

It’s about using your video camera to tell a story and the way that you, as the storyteller, use light and composition to enhance that story. You can learn more from looking at a shadow than you can by looking at the light. You can tell the direction, the softness, the intensity by looking into the shadows… Shadow is what gives you contrast and contrast is what gives you shape and drama.