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What are the laws in regard to shooting in public places?

It's the tripod that's the give-away. Tripods pose a potential liability issue for local councils when they are used in public places. Members of the general public might trip over them even though your know that it's unlikely. If you are shooting for a network it's best to make sure that you have releases from people who have identifiable  appearances in your footage.

General cutaways of other people, in the context of a sequence featuring someone who has signed up, are also within reasonable boundaries. Carry release forms with you. If in any doubt, ask individuals that you can recognise to sign a release . Here in Australia, common sense prevails.

This is not meant to be definitive advice on this matter. Check with a legal advisor if you have any doubt, especially if you might be showing incidental passersby in the context of some place or activity that they may not like to necessarily like to be associated with.

This is general advice only. Run this question by a solicitor for the most up to date rulings.

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